Educational institutions do not only consist of teaching processes and methods, but, by whose involved in them.

New Continent School staff is formed by highly trained personnel, who are always willing to give their best with an open minded approach, which enables them to constantly implement the newest educational methods and practices such as Hábilmente (learning skills diagnosis and tools to help students develop intelectual and emotional skills).

New Continent Mexico City was founded in 1982, soon after Querétaro, Guanajuato and the State of Mexico campi followed, offering non-religious, but has valued based education from Preschool to High School.

The Querétaro campus, which has been established, since 1986 is one of the best educational options in the Bajío Region.  Some of the reasons why it has been internationally certified are:

  • First class bilingual education (English-Spanish) from Preschool to High School.
  • A third language (French or Italian) is added to the High School curricula.
  •  International Exchange programs available to Middle and High school Students.
  • An outstanding sports program, through which the school has received numerous prizes, both in private competitions and in public tournaments.


Some of the academic programs our students participate in and win awards are:  Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology Olympics.  Several New Continent Elementary students have successfully participated in the Federal Children’s Parliament and Knowledge Olympics, representing Querétaro.

When we look at these facts, we find it very easy to understand why New Continent School obtained its international certification with no difficulties whatsoever.

In addition, the school is assessed by the renowned international education counselor Dr. Isauro Blanco , PhD, who leads workshops for parents several times a year, with the objective of promoting solid values, which in this community is a  main concern.

In conclusion, due to the high academic level and language skills New Continent offers, graduates find it easy to study abroad and continue acquiring all the abilities needed to succeed and occupy key positions in any working field or as entrepreneurs.

 New Continent’s mission is to forge human beings committed to society.